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This Cute And Adorable Baby Is The Latest Internet Sensation, Twitter Goes Berserk

Everyone loves sharing cute and adorable stuff on social media. Nowadays, a Korean kid has taken over the internet with his cute and cuddly pictures. Netizens can’t get enough of this kid, all thanks to his innocence and cuteness.

The kid we are talking about is Elliot Noah. His aunt who hails from California tweeted some of his photos from a celebration ceremony with a caption, “It was my nephew’s 100 day and none of us were worthy”

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In these now viral pictures, the kid can be seen in his traditional dress sitting on a throne looking like an emperor. His throne is made by draping a chair with a white cloth. This new little king has made his way to the hearts of many people and the internet has given him the title of the new king of the world.

When she was asked as to why they are celebrating a kid’s 100 days. She replied, “this is called a baek-il! a korean tradition to celebrate the first successful 100 days of life! back in the ~olden days it was very easy for children to fall sick and pass away prior to the 100th day.”

This aunt shared another photo of the kid, where he can be seen in different attire. After seeing his popularity on the internet, his family has also created an Instagram page for the kid.

As expected, Twitter instantly fell in love with this little king. Look at what people are saying down below.

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