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These Indians Don ‘ t Want You To Make Babies Because Consent Of Child Being Conceived Matters

India has a major overpopulation issue combined with a shortage of infrastructure. This movement anticipates the futures child distaste for moving into that mess. For a crowded country this might be a good idea.

Consent is the most talk about subject of late and for all the right reasons. But, ever heard of consent for forcing life on another human being? Well, this is new and this is happening in India.

Anti-natalism, a relatively new philosophy, is gaining prominence in India. It broadly says that giving birth is forcing life on another human.

A group of Indians, who are apparently the believers of anti-natalism are working towards building a ‘child-free’ society. One such anti-natalist is Mumbai-based Raphael Samuel, who is planning to sue his parents for bringing him into this world without asking for his consent.

He believes that no human has the right to force life on another human.

Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

A growing group of ‘child-free’ supporters, who also go by the name of Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (VHEM) activists and ‘efilists’ who believe children should not be brought into the world, are gearing up for a protest on February 10 in Bangalore.

The movement has been nicknamed ‘Stop Making Babies’ before they zero in on a final and official name.

The group of young individuals is spreading awareness about child-free living.

Many studies and surveys have indicated that most young people are choosing not to have children for some years now. However, the emergence of the child-free movement will support such individuals and help remove the stigma around procreation.

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