These 7 Pictures Reveal Salman Khan’s Attachment With Kids

Shruti Sharma August 2, 2016

Salman Khan is an obsession to millions, but very few know who Salman is obsessed about. We all know his craze about bikes, but there is something else that brings out human emotions of the Sultan of Bollywood. Salman love kids! Yes, you heard that right, he is crazy after playing with children.


These 7 pictures will prove Salman’s obsession for being with the little ones around:

  1. Angel’s Gift:


This is a treat to everyone’s eye. That baby does look like an angel and the way Salman is holding her, man they both look adorable! Are you thinking what we are thinking at the moment? Yeah that’s right! Salman will be an amazing father to his kid.

  1. Twinkle in the Eye:


The baby that Salman is holding looks like a complete doll. Salman’s widened smile screams out his love for children. The picture surely looks like a twinkle in the eye. Do you remember the little girl of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Movie, Anjali? Well, in one of her interviews long ago, she did say that she loved when Salman uncle was around as he used to play with her a lot.

  1. Safety in the Arms:


Salman is surely making the baby feel so comfortable and safe in his arms. His kiss pose with the little cutie pie is bringing all the emotions out of the baby, which states that the little one is in love with Salman already.

  1. Workout Session in the Woods:


How cute, isn’t it! Salman is throwing an inspiration to that little boy to become like him soon. The workout session picture in the woods display an amazing bonding between two male genders – One elder and one very young. We bet that Salman wouldn’t have bowed down on his knees for anyone except for kids. Now, that’s what we call adorable.

  1. Hug of Love:


This surely brings an Awww Moment! They both look so cute together. Who wouldn’t die for that little hug? The baby looks so comfortable with Salman. The tough guy has a very soft heart inside for children, don’t you agree? We truly wish to see Salman’s real babies soon.

  1. Handful of Love:


The innocence of the baby has melted Salman completely! She is truly an energizer for the super star. Look at the picture, we mean who wouldn’t bring back the universal energies to spend time with these little ones, who wish nothing but love and care.

  1. Reading the Palm:


Salman’s touch itself is a verdict that this little boy is going to be a popular personality one day. Very keenly Salman is looking at the lines of the boy’s palm. Those tiny fingers can make anyone crazy to think of having babies.

Does it mean we will soon hear the wedding bells of Salman Khan? It’s a question that everyone is desperate to receive an answer for. We hope this year brings some hint for Salman Khan’s marriage. We can’t hold any longer to see his extended family picture.

Some more pictures to cherish:





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