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Taapsee Pannu Reaction On Eve-Tease: “I Have Been Touched Inappropriately”

Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu, who starred in latest release ‘Pink’, confessed that she is a victim of eve-tease. At latest, Taapsee Pannu has opened a lot about his personal struggle in life, majorly in college days.

taapse Born and raised in Delhi, Taapsee Pannu had faced a lot of Eve-Teasing problem in her college days. When she was questioned about the same, She opened her struggling days against eve-tease.


In an interview with ‘Indian Express’, Taapsee said, “Eve-teasing used to happen almost on a daily basis in Delhi. I used to travel in DTC buses while going to college for the longest time. I got my car when I was 19. So for two years before getting a car, I used to travel in DTC buses. And eve-teasing used to happen almost daily. Not just that, I have been touched inappropriately in DTC buses. Rubbed at wrong places while in a bus. And if we ventured into crowded areas in Delhi during the time of festivals, people used to touch you at inappropriate places. It was very common and has happened to me.”


Taapsee’s acting has been critically praised in ‘Pink’ movie and we hope to see her more in the Bollywood upcoming flicks.


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