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Swara Bhasker Got Massively Trolled For Tweeting Pics Of Pakistani Condemning Pulwama Attack

The appalling Pulwama Terror that took lives of more than 40 CRPF Jawans has shaken the entire nation to the core. People are still mourning and paying tributes to the martyrs Jawans. The whole nation came together in support of the families of brave soldiers who lost their lives in the deadly attack. It is the most discussed topic on social media with people demanding justice and revenge. The whole world showed their support to India in this emotional moment. However, nothing was said from the Pakistani side until now. Some young Pakistanis are condemning Pulwama attack by holding.

Pakistani journalist Sehyr Mirza started a campaign by sharing a picture of herself. She also urged other Pakistanis to join her in #AnitHateChallenge in criticizing the attack.

She wrote on Facebook, “We’re deeply disturbed over the tragic terror attack that claimed innocent lives in India. I won’t trade humanity for patriotism.” She also added that blood of humankind is being shed irrespective of whether it is of Indians or Pakistanis.

Soon several other Pakistani joined her and started condemning the attack by sharing pictures of carrying similar posters.

Bollywood actress Swara Bhasker who is mostly known for speaking her hearts out on various social and political issues took to Twitter to share a collage of young Pakistanis holding posters condemning Pulwama attack.

Swara Bhasker’s tweet has infuriated netizens, as they are brutally trolling her on the micro-blogging platform. Look at some selected Tweets:











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