Stupid Reasons that Will Discourage You from Building a Relationships with Her

Sometimes, just one phrase is enough to kill a desire to ask her out once again, the situation is even worth with building a healthy relationship. Of course, there are normal and compelling reasons that can interfere with building a relationship, but today it’s not about them.
1. She borrows your toothbrush.

 You have told her that she should never and under any circumstances touch your personal toothbrush. Never! This is a sacred instrument that can be only in two places: in your mouth or in a special glass in which it spends the rest of the time. It is clear that you exchange your saliva quite actively at night, but you don’t think in the throes of passion about the fact that she might have tooth decay. Now, it’s high time to think about that. In addition, it’s a very brazen gesture. It’s like an invasion of personal space and the infringement of freedom. You are not going to get married to her, and you haven’t told her yet about your endless love, so she shouldn’t touch your toothbrush.

2. She shows stupidity and vulgarity.

 She may turn out to be a vulgar and grunting monster. She could splash beer, make five mistakes in the word “catfish” and prove that she is not intelligent at all. She laughs loudly and turns the air blue like a chef, she does not read books and does not know where Barcelona is, and she does not wash her hair. And when you saw how much she could eat, then you immediately realized that she would find her love. However, it’s definitely not you.

3. She’s better than you.

It is better not to engage in any competition with a girl you met on a ukrainian dating site dating site until the moment you fall in love with each other. It does not matter what you do, whether you play tennis or Xbox, or just argue who has read more books. She can easily take advantage of you. There is a chance that you will show a sense of inferiority. You want to be the winner in everything, the cleverest, and the rightest person in the world. You think you cannot be involved in the relationship building with such a nasty woman.

4. She has no time for you.

 A good mood and a joint pastime are usually spoiled with such words as “work” and “deadlines.” You have just got ready to stay together, as it turned out, that your new woman is up to her ears with work and cannot leave the phone even for a while. You don’t have time to talk. In addition, some men call her all day long, and you immediately forget about building trust in a relationship.

5. She seems to be an alcoholic.

Men like girls who like to drink, but only if they have an idea of responsibility and alcoholic ethics. So, she shouldn’t roar and talk dirty after a couple of glasses of wine. Unfortunately, female drunkenness has long gone beyond the anecdote about the three stages. It is a disgusting phenomenon. A rare man would like to have sex with a drunk body. So, there’s no point in building a relationship with the person who will more likely choose the second glass of wine than your relationship. Nonetheless, it’s fun to be friends with such a woman.

6. She wants to have many kids.Her obsession with children can frighten any man.

If she talks only about her love for the children, and her page in social networks is filled with reposts from the groups “Young Mom” and “Children are our happiness,” then you must marry her. If you do not want to get married, leave her. She’s not just talking about it.

7. She hasn’t left any secrets.

If she talks too much about her past relationships, mentioning even small and the most unpleasant details, then all enthusiasm is lost. Every woman must have a secret, and she shouldn’t tell you about her ex-boyfriend and their spoiled happiness.


Sakina Murtaza Rangwala

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