SRK Reveals, Why He Choose To Be A Part Of Alia Bhatt’s Dear Zindagi?

Shah Rukh Khan is an integral part in Dear Zindagi and really is the backbone of this film. In all the teasers, we have seen Alia consulting SRK about all her problems. She is messed up in life and Shah Rukh helps her in solving it. At latest, SRK reveals about doing this film for this only reason.

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Shah Rukh said, “I will specifically say that we live in a man’s world, unfortunately. We talk about feminism and women empowerment. The beauty of this film is that without being preachy, a bunch of confident women has made this film which says that whatever, wherever, with whom ever a woman does anything that is correct without being judgmental on the same. So I feel this movie will leave an impression on men too.”

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