This SRK Live Twitter Sesssion Will Surely Make You Laugh Whole Day!

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most romantic actors in Indian Cinema. He is just the dream boy of almost every Indian girl, who have grown up watching his movies. He is still handsome and cute. At latest, he had a live twitter session and I must tell you he is just making the session a hilarious one.


Even if you don’t like his comedy in movies, you will definitely gonna like his real life comedy. His tweets are just the best thing to read today. Here are the Tweets of ‘ASK SRK’ session:

1-srk 2-srk 3-srk srk-4 srk-5 srk-6 srk-7 srk-8 srk-9 srk-10 srk-11 srk-12 srk-13 srk-14 srk-15 srk-16 srk-17 srk-18 srk-19 srk-20 srk-21 srk-22 srk-23 srk-24 srk-25 srk-26 srk-27 srk-28 srk-29 srk-30

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