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Sonam Kapoor Defends BFF Swara Bhasker After She Gets Trolled

Veere Di Wedding took the box office by storm when it released on 1st June. The movie has been able to impress audience and critics alike. Everyone is all praises for this “Not a Chick Flick” movie, which revolves around four childhood friends. However, the bold dialogues and the bold scenes in the movie do have created a certain space for trolls and opposition! One such act of opposition is ban on the movie in Pakistan! This ban did not go well with the actress Swara Bhasker who expressed her disregard over the ban and got terribly trolled!

Swara Bhasker wrote over her social media, “They’re (Pakistan) a non-secular state. I’m not surprised at all. Why should we hold up Pakistan, which is a failing state – I don’t understand why we keep taking pleasure and feeling a sense of self-worth from all the silly things that happen in Pakistan.”

The tweet didn’t go well with the people and Swara Bhasker faced a lot of criticism and abuse for this tweet! A Pakistani actress by the name of Urwa Hocane reacted to it saying:

“Pakistan is the country that you @ReallySwara referred to,in 2015, as the “Best country you have ever visited” and it has only gotten better in the last few years in every aspect along with when it comes to having bigger hearts and welcoming our guests . 1/3”

“2/3 While you’re on this spree of empowering women,i must say you’ve become a bitter person. And all of this is odd coming from a citizen of a state that bans their own films i.e. #Padmaavat so let’s not talk about women empowerment.”

“3/3 This only reflects on u as an ignorant person who is also quiet contradictory in her own statements. It’s not a failing state for sure but u come across as a “Failing Human Being” !!! @ReallySwara From the citizen of the Phenomenal Pakistan 🇵🇰

To which, Swara’s BFF Sonam Kapoor added,

“I think people just like to troll her because she has an opinion and a point of view and I guess that shows how much they love her because the other side of hate is always love, so Swara you have a lot of lovers!”

Sonam Kapoor replied on a sad note saying, “My defence of her has nothing to do with her comments on Pakistan! Get your fact right and stop trying to spread mischief and hate! ❤️✌️

Veere Di Wedding is doing quite well at the box office!

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