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Sonam Kapoor Compares UK & India’s Govt, Her Response On Corona

Sonam Kapoor and husband Anand Ahuja came back to India from London. Sonam shared her experience on social media. She compared the UK and Indian government and also appreciated the authorities for the precautions being taken.

Sonam shared a video on Instagram stories and said that they both flew from London to New Delhi. Prior to her flight, she mentioned that she was “heading back to India with her husband” and that she couldn’t wait “to get home”.

On reaching Delhi, she again took to Instagram and shared her experience at the Delhi airport. She said, “Anand and I are back in Delhi, we are in our room. We just want to thank everybody at the airport and everybody who was on a flight. It was very smooth, very responsibly done; in fact, when we leaving London, there was no screening, there was nothing. Anand and I were in massive shock that there wasn’t.

We reached India and before we went on to immigration, we had to fill a form in which they asked to tell them how much we flew in the last 25 days, we gave our travel history. Fortunately, Anand and I hadn’t flown to any of the so-called hotspots or places where the virus is very rampage. Then, our temperatures were taken; we were all fine; all our temperatures were normal. It was Anand, me and my spot boy, Sujit (who is like family, we were very concerned about him).

I just want to say that it is incredible the way the authorities are handling the situation. It’s very commendable and laudable. We went to immigration; they again rechecked where we had been on our passports, which was extremely responsible. Then, Anand and I had our gloves on and our masks on. Everybody also had their gloves and masks on.

We got our luggage and we went through. Then we saw a lot of other people who obviously hadn’t checked out, even some from our flight, and some from a flight that was coming from a flight that was coming from France.



Just want everybody to know that everybody is doing the best they can do, actually, the government is doing the best they can do. We all are in this together.

I am back home with my husband. I was really happy to back home in India. Both Anand and I have no symptoms of the virus and we haven’t been to any country which has been a hotbed of the virus but we are still self quarantining because we live with our parents and our grandmother. So, I request everybody else, as young people, we need to be more careful and prevention is better than cure, especially for your loved ones, your grandparents and parents.

As people who are immuno-compromised, we need to be more careful, more vigilant; we need to be more responsible and listen to the authorities. We have to make sure that we do the best that we can do, they are trying their best as well.”

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