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Shocking! Shamita Shetty Misusing Her Family Influence In Jhalak Reloaded

Shocking! Shamita Shetty Misusing Her Family Influence In Jhalak Reloaded


Actors throwing tantrums is a common known fact in Bollywood; however, some of them using their family influence to overpower others is lesser known. There’s a big influence game going on in the current season of ‘Jhalak Dikhala Jaa’ which is also known as ‘Jhalak Reloaded’ among the show fans. With the new format, judges and contestants, it seems the makers of the show have come up with new ways to be bias in the reality show.

Sources present every week on the sets of ‘Jhalak Reloaded’ have spilled the beans which has shook the earth for many. Performances in dance reality shows are judged on the basis of ‘One Take Dance Performance’ of the contestants, many of them doing aerial and dangerous acts without harness or protection to impress judges and audiences, willing to go a long way in the show. However, something unfair is happening in ‘Jhalak Reloaded’ which has badly irked the celebrity contestants of the show.

Sister of actress Shilpa Shetty and sister-in-law of business tycoon Raj Kundra, Shamita Shetty is one of the contestants this year in ‘Jhalak Reloaded’. After a failed career, Shamita is trying hard to build a strong connection with audiences, in a desperate attempt to re-establish her unnoticed career. Wherein other contestants are performing without cuts as per the format of the show, Shamita doesn’t perform her dance acts at one go.

The ‘Zeher’ actress completes a single act after several takes and the same act is shown as a single take act on television deceiving the viewers. Shamita’s dancing skills are also questioned as she is not able to dance as good as other contestants on the show, still the deserving candidates are eliminated every week giving the reason of getting lesser votes, an excuse to keep Shamita safe on the show.

A contestant on the condition of anonymity said, “Shamita throws tantrums as she’s getting upper hand in the show due to her influential family background. She mostly converse with the judges and talks less to other contestants as Shamita feels her status and potential is beyond than others. Why to act so classy and show bad attitude to other fellow contestants, when even you’re a contestant in the show? Someone needs to burst the bubble Shamita is living in, maybe she feels even she’s a judge in the show”.

With almost no fan following, even we were wondering how Shamita survived in the show for so long even with those bad dance performances. Watch this space for more on this.


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