Kareena Kapoor Khan reveals the salary of Taimur Ali Khan’s Nanny! Here’s how much it is!


Taimur Ali Khan, without a doubt, is the most popular star kid and has a huge fan base! Not only is the kid popular, but yet another, non Bollywood, yet risen to fame personality is Taimur Ali Khan’s Nanny, the super Nanny as rightly called, Savitri! Well, there always has been a question popping our minds that how did Savitri get selected for the job and how much she paid! Also, many already envy Savitri since she stays with Taimur Ali Khan all the time but what will make you envy her more is the salary she is paid for the job! Kareena Kapoor Khan recently revealed how much the Nanny is paid for the job!

Kareena Kapoor Khan had come to Arbaaz Khan’s newly started chat show called Pinch. In a segment wherein the two were reading trolls and responding to them, A social media user had written that Taimur Ali Khan’s Nanny is paid more than bureaucrats. To this, Kareena Kapoor Khan had a question, “How do they know that?” She then added, “This question should be addressed by a ministry.”

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She further said that her child’s safety is of utmost importance and there is no price for that. Bebo said, “There is no price for anything as long as your child is happy and safe. There is no price for that.”

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