Shakti Arora Slam Book.


Shakti Arora who is playing role of Ranveer at Meri Aashiqui Tum Se hi  spared  sometime to answer slam book questions.

Birthday:  16th May.

Nickname:  Shaks.

Sun Sign:  Tauras.

Hometown:  Mumbai.

Describe yourself: I am amazing and awesome.

Strengths: My will power.

Weakness: I trust people easily.

What can easily impress you: Down to earth nature.

You are crazy about: Clothes.

Hobbies: Travelling.

A cloud 9 moment for you: When I got the show Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hin and now my next cloud 9 moment would be when I will get to do a YRF Movie as a lead.

Do you believe in destiny: Yes, I do.

Song you’re humming these days: Tujhko Jo Paya… Toh Jeena Aaya…

Any TV show you follow: I don’t follow any show. I just watch my show on Youtube whenever I get sometime.

An unforgettable day of your life: When the TRP went up to 5.3 and when I got my first car.

Describe your daily routine in short: I get up by 7 o’clock in the morning and then rush to my shoot at 8 o’clock in the morning. I shoot for the entire day and then comeback and go to the gym at 11 o’clock and then I go to sleep by 2:30.

What’s your favorite pass time on the sets: I chit chat with my co-stars or else I sleep if I get a lot of time.

Your favorite hangout places in Mumbai: I have a lot of friends so we keep on doing house parties at each other’s places.

Craziest fan encounter so far: Once a girl came to meet me. She clicked pictures with me and then she suddenly outch my feet. She was overwhelmed and speechless.

The best compliment ever received: The best compliment that I have ever received is that I am the Shah Rukh Khan of television.

Your inspiration: My grandfather.

You are incomplete without: My mother.

Message to your fans: I simply love you all and you all are my backbone.