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Shahrukh’s Raees is based on the life of Abdul Latif

Abdul Latif ,  Shah Rukh Khan
Abdul Latif And Shah Rukh Khan

We are aware of the controversial release of Raees finally on 25 January 2017 but what many are not aware of is the man whose life was the inspiration for the story. Raees, starring Shahrukh Khan and Mahira Khan in the lead roles, is unofficially inspired by the underworld gangster Abdul Latif who was behind many terror attacks and other crimes in the 1980s and early 1990s in Gujarat and Mumbai. Although the makers of the movie rubbished reports of the film being any such biopic but what is seen from the trailers of the movie is reaffirming the movie to be an adaptation of the life of Abdul Latif.

Abdul Latif was born in Gujarat and was a feared dealer in illegal alcohol trade, land smuggling and drugs and many such cases. As Abdul belonged to a family that was in dire need of money, he took to the illegal business of alcohol dealing which was a very lucrative business in those days. As Gujarat is still a dry state those days Abdul got successful in establishing his foothold in the market which later led to his advancement to other fields of smuggling as well.

Ruling the illegal trade kingdom in the 1980s, Abdul then assumed the image of Robin Hood as he donated lot of money to the poor people to bring up a fan base for himself. He later contested in elections also and earned votes. Following this, Abdul joined hands with the underworld dons and also contributed to the Mumbai Bomb Blast in the 1990 which had the Indian Police following him.

As pictures from the film Raees are looking quite relatable to the incidents of the life of this underworld criminal, it surely is a biopic in which Shahrukh will be in his full form to capture hearts with his Don act again.

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