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The Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt starrer ‘Dear zindagi’ has attracted dozen eye balls to the first look of the film which was putforth by the pataka guddi in a very unusual and an innovative way on Tuesday.she was seen exchanging a tweet written on a piece of paper “Is it okay to not be okay?”this is the question which will be seen in the film directed by Gauri Shinde.

khanni 2 zindagi ki Alia Bhatt tweeted the questions along with a picture of  Sharukh Khan using the prisma effect, attracted many followers of her twitter account.but , reports are coming that Sharukh Khan’s film is clashing with the sequel of  blockbuster movie ‘Kahaani 2’.as we all know that Badshah of Bollywood is no more giving blockbuster or hits.his consecutively two films :Dilwale and Fan has not done well in cinema’s and the expected results were poor.

When Dilwale released it lured the pupil into the theatres and the film worked well until The Ranveer and Deepika starrer Bajirao Mastani hit the silver a matter of fact Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani did not released together,Sanjay leela Bhansali’s film went ahead leaving Dilwale crestfallen though.

Nobody knows what the future has kept for ‘Dear zindagi’.it has newcomers with a fresh and cult content , notwithstanding the fact that his next film  will  face consequences due to face off with Vidya balan’s upcoming project.

Probably .this year Sharukh’s  fate is not in his favour.ever since his film Dilwale faced a downfall due to Bajirao Mastani,Sharukh to save Raes,his 2017 venture, had gone to meet Rakesh Roshan for requesting him to shift the dates of ‘Kaabil’.But,neither of them reconciled at the end of the meeting

Now lets see who wins the race in the long run. Sharukh or Vidya?.War is on,may the best wins.

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