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Shagufta Rafique slams Kangana for criticizing Bhatt yet working with him

Kangana and her team have announced an open war against Nepotism and camp gangs in the film industry. Her celebrity hit list has the name of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt among the few permanent targeted Bollywood biggies. Where many are supporting the ‘Queen’ actress for her courage few are also opposing her for being a hypocrite and unthankful outsider.

Slamming Kangana for her take on filmmaker, Mahesh Bhatt, ‘Wo lamhe’ and ‘Raaz the mystery continues’, refuted the actress’s allegations of Mahesh hurling a shoe at Kangana and raising his hand on her.

Writer Shagufta Rafique, who had written two of Kangana Ranaut’s films and has also worked with Mahesh Bhatt’s company for 13 years as a writer, said, “I have been hearing all that has been spoken about Bhatt Saab by Kangana Ranaut. I do agree that he shouted at her and there are reasons for it.”

The writer further added, “He did raise his voice at her at the ‘Woh Lamhe’ (2006) trial when she came late for the show…There were some shooting issues and that she had turned down a film which of course is her right, But she is going back to the past and adding something that never happened at all. The entire unit was present for the trial show, including Mohit Suri, Mukesh Bhatt, and rest of the Star cast. I was a witness that yes he did yell at her too much but It is just not in his nature to do something that he is being accused of.”

Questioning the validity of Nepotism allegations against Mahesh Bhatt Shagufta shared how Mahesh had influenced the writer, “I came from nowhere, I was a bar singer who found it difficult to get my first break too as a writer, but it was Bhatt Saab who gave me my first break and changed my whole life…He is one of the very few who has worked with so many newcomers launched the careers of actors writers musicians lyricists etc.. So the question of nepotism and Mahesh Bhatt does not arise at all.”

Citing the example of Kangana’s hypocrisy Shaqufta wrote ‘Raaz: The Mystery Continues’ (2009), the last film that Kangana did with the Bhatts. She further said, “If such an incident had happened with her and she had a problem with Mahesh Bhatt, why did she work with vishesh films at all, is a question she needs to ask herself…”

Mahesh Bhatt has been summoned by Mumbai police to record his statement in relation to Sushant Singh Rajput’s alleged suicide case on July 27 at 12 noon.

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