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Virender Sehwag’s Hilarious Tweet About Dangal

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Dangal is taking the social media by storm. There are trolls , posts and tweets about this film that all over the social media. The latest is Sehwag .Yes, Virendra Singh Sehwag, who is a busy twittteratti these days. Post retirement, Sehwag has continued with his cool temper and comic attitude coming with twitter tweets on various issues. This time the cricketer has come up with tweet in the film Dangal.

Sehwag has been mentioned in the film along with his other teammates namely Dravid and Sachin. Though Sehwag did not make any allusion to this, he simply called Dangal a very touching movie and said he almost cried in the end. The film brings so much emotions welled up in the audience that it is true that there was hardly anyone in the audience who did not shed a tear.

Sehwag said in his tweet that Aamir’s character had his angocha to wipe his tears, of joy (of course) in the touching moments of the film. The audience should also be provided with a tissue along with the ticket. So Dangal was so touching and provoking that the viewer did deserve a tissue. Sehwag could have said it plainly but his quirky sense of humor would not let him do that.

Sehwag’s tweet got good response from his readers who applauded his sense of humor. His fans said they were happy to hear his name among the top sportsmen mentioned in the country.

Sehwag is lovely called Multan ka Sultan. There was a tweet that reminded us of this epithet he enjoyed during his cricketing days.

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