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says Kangana Ranaut Aamir Khan is my real hero,

says Kangana Ranaut Aamir Khan is my real hero,

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I didn’t grow up watching films so my first brush with Aamir Khan and his films happened when I was probably in Class 9 or 10 when Lagaan had just released and it was a roaring success. People here are obsessed with films but when I was growing up, I was one of those kids who wasn’t allowed to watch too much television. My first impression of him when I was actually old enough to have one was that this man had strong values. It’s a very rare quality to find in people, especially in our industry where actors are expected to do just about anything right from dancing at weddings to impromptu jigs. I am sorry to make it sound bad but it seems like if you throw money at actors, they would do whatever it takes. Amidst this mindset, Aamir stands out. He is a rebel with a cause because he stands up for really cool stuff. Stuff that he believes in and stands by, no matter what.

He was also the first actor who started casting people for films based on character and talent. Very often you see people working with their girlfriends, relatives or friends in movies. When I joined the movies, I knew no one, I didn’t have anyone to turn to but I am not someone who will suck up to people for work. I have set very high standards for myself and I respect myself. That is when I started to obsess over the idea of working with Aamir because he holds merit and talent above everything else and I hope in the coming years, people have the same impression about me.

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He is also very inspiring, be it the humanitarian work he does or the causes he stands up for or his television show. He is an amazing person and does incredible things but let’s go of those very things as easily as well. He is one actor who builds an eight-pack every year but loses it as easily as well. I know actors who obsess over the way they look and have 20 mirrors all around them but here is a man who will build something, break that and then start from scratch all over again. When Satyamev Jayate his show started, my family and I were particularly impressed with the episode on acid attacks. My sister has gone through that in her life and the way he dealt with a sensitive issue like that was touching. Another episode on mardaangi where he spoke about how men need to hold on to their horses and respect women made him an even bigger hero for me. That episode was about how people take women for granted just because they are gentle and delicate. I have personally experienced that and I admire him for addressing issues like these.

I have had the opportunity to know him closely and in all our conversations, if there is one thing that I have realised is that he doesn’t carry the burden of his achievements. For me, more than anything else, it is important to become a successful individual. I didn’t know how to go about becoming that person but Aamir is someone who gave me that direction. When I am lost, I walk the path he has carved and I seek those footsteps. He is my real hero and I hold him in high regard. There are very few people like him in this industry. Thank God for Aamir Khan!

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