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Sarika is the informer of Ashok in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

In yesterday episode it was revealed that Sarika is the informer of Ashok in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

Ashok waits on some lonely road. The car comes and the man gets down. Its Mr. Bhalla. Ashok says you wanted to meet me, what is it. Mr. Bhalla says since I came to know you are using one of my family member by blackmailing or using their helplessness, I wanted to teach you a lesson, stay away from my family, else… Ashok says don’t threaten me, I can kill your son. Mr. Bhalla slaps him and asks who is your informer, I should have not come to meet you, the day I know who is helping you, that will be last day of your life, my family is one and will always be united, stay away from my family. Mr. Bhalla leaves.

Ashok calls the informer and says your family’s head has gone. The informer comes to meet Ashok. Ashok says welcome, Mr. Bhalla wanted to scold me, he followed me till here, he told me that his family is united, what will happen when he knows his bahu is my informer. The informer reveals face. Its Sarika. Ashok says don’t worry, no one knows you are my informer, so just chill. She says but they will find out, everyone is doubting each other, Ishita has done spirit drama well, its getting tough for me to stay there, everyone is alert, I m scared. Ashok says I can see that, Ishita acted very smart, but.. Sarika says if anyone knows about me, I will not leave you. He says so you are threatening me, you are forgetting I know something about you, your secret which your family does not know, if I speak it out, you will be out of your family, shall I remind you again. She says I remember, that’s why I m helping you, I m helpless, you are blackmailing me, I had to attempt to kill Raman. FB shows the scene of the stone falling on Raman on diwali night.

Sarika says I have taken watchman’s help to make stone fall on Raman, and you killed the watchman. Ashok says don’t tell me, I have saved you by doing so. She says you are using my helplessness, but I won’t do anything for few days. He says you have to do as I say. She says my secret should not come out, our plan is not getting successful, we don’t know where is Shagun, and when will Ishita’s drama end, I m doing everything. She says I will leave, I m getting late and they will doubt. She leaves. Ashok says the key of this lock is Shagun, I have to find Shagun anyhow to expose Ishita’s drama.

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