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Sara Ali Khan takes the nepotism debate head-on, says it’d be hypocritical of her to run away from it

Nepotism is one social blemish that the Bollywood Industry suffers from! With a certain part of Bollywood practicing Nepotism while the other opposing Bollywood, Sara Ali Khan, who is soon to make her Bollywood Debut with her upcoming movie Kedarnath, gives her take on Nepotism! The actress feels she should rather talk about it than running away from it!

In an interview, while talking about the privileges she gets due to her parents being a part of the Industry already, Sara Ali Khan got into a head-on debate! The lady said, “Yes I do. This has become a conversation back home recently more than it was, this word nepotism a lot of people talk about and I don’t think I can run away from that. I think it will be hypocritical and wrong for me to say that it doesn’t exist.”

Sara Ali Khan went on to admit that she does get a lot many privileges due to her parent but they come along with a lot many troubles as well! She said, “There perks of being an insider. The main perk is access… I could go to Rohit sir’s office and say, sir, would you please consider me for Simmba. That’s a privilege. So the access that my parents have worked so hard to enable me to have is not something I can deny or something that I can run away from. Having said that, back home the tonality of this conversation around nepotism here has become slightly harsh. What I am trying to say is that while, star kids, as much as I hate that term, do have easier access into this line maybe. If you are not good, you are going to be asked to leave.”

Talking about her movies Simmba and Kedarnath, Sara Ali Khan said, “Doing your first film knowing that your second film is coming out… I am done shooting for two films without anybody seeing the first one. I am aware of the pressure it comes with, I am aware that is going to be seen by many as an unearnt opportunity and when that happens, the pressure is even greater.”

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