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Why did Sangeeta called off marriage with Salman?

Recently Sangeeta Bijalani celebrated her 56th Birthday. The actress who won 1980 Miss India was a popular movie star in 1990’s. She married Former Indian cricket Team’s captain Md. Azharuddin in the year 1996. But the duo got divorced in the year 2010. Before marrying Azher she was in news, sharing her name with Salman Khan. The duo was a hit love pair off the screen. In reference to this Jasim Khan in his book ‘Being Salman’ states that, Salman was granted permission from his family to marry Sangeta Bijalani, the two had finalized their wedding dates too. Salman & Sangeeta were planning to tie a knot on 27 May 1994, but suddenly the event was called off. All the wedding preparations were stalled midway. Reports claim that Sangeeta was apparently upset with Salman and hence decided not to marry him.


The reason the marriage was called off by Sangeeta was Salman’s secret affair with Somy Ali. Somi was smitten by Salman and wanted to marry him. A very disheartened Sangeeta decided to call off her marriage after finding out about their secret association. She was upset with Salman’s infidelity and even confessed in an interview (later on) that he is not worth marrying.


Salman had confessed the same while speaking to Karan Johar in ‘Coffee With Karan’. He revealed that his marriage was called off after his fiancée had caught him cheating upon her. After parting ways with the superstar, Sangeeta met Mohammed Azharruddin and fell for him. The two got married in 1996 and got divorced in 2010. The irony is, today, both Salman Khan & Sangeeta Bijlani are single. Post divorce, Sangeeta was back into the media circuit and was seen getting close to her former boyfriend, Salman Khan, who is a good friend too.

Emraan Hashmi’s most debated film Azhar has been making rounds of news for some time for it is based on the life of former Indian cricketer Mohammed Azharuddin! The former captain’s life full of controversies; be it his involvement in match fixing or his extra marital affairs. However, in Azhar, Besides, his controversial career, Azhar’s noted affair with Bollywood actress Sangeeta Bijlani also made it to media glare.


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