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Salman Khan’s Starry Tantrums At The Airport!

Salman Khan and controversies have a connection. Somehow he manages to jump from one controversy to another effortlessly. The actor who is yet to come clear with the ‘rape comment‘ debacle, was part of yet another drama.

The actor was supposed to fly out from Mumbai to Delhi in the afternoon but missed his flight in spite of reaching on time. He decided to relax in the VIP lounge.

For some reason, he decided not to leave the VIP Lounge even after being called out for boarding multiple times. He then showed up later at the airlines counter.

The ‘Sultan’ of Bollywood got third time lucky as he ran from one boarding gate to another at Mumbai Airport to catch a flight to Delhi.

According to sources, Khan was booked on Jet Airways’ 9W 331 that was to take off at 9.55 am but he missed this flight. Then he was booked on Vistara flight UK 994 that was to take off for Delhi at about 10.20 am.

“This flight waited for him for about five minutes but the superstar reached the boarding gate for UK 994 at 10.26 am and saw the plane push back in front of him. He even joked that this was the second flight he had missed in less than half an hour,” said a source.

Later, Vistara staff ‘assisted’ Salman Khan take the next flight to Delhi which happened to be Jet Airways’ 9W 307. This flight was leaving at noon and with enough time at hand, he managed to get board on this one.

There were initial reports that Khan got into a scuffle as he missed one flight after another. However, both Mumbai Airport and airlines officials denied any scuffle or heated arguments. “He was joking about missing two flights in a row when he saw the Vistara plane leave in front of him,” said a source.

What followed was a starry tantrum as the airlines, Vistara, refused to let him board the flight since he was late.

Even though the airlines booked a ticket for him on another airline later, but we wonder how far does this entitlement go?

Being full service carriers, Jet and Vistara have a business class and Khan was booked to fly in them on all his three flights on Monday.

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