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Salman Khan Speaks in his Defense on being brand ambassador of Rio Olympics !!

Few days ago when Salman Khan was appointed as the goodwill ambassador of upcoming Olympics Game , famous personalities like London Olympics wrestling bronze medallist Wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt and Indian sprinting legend Milkha Singh opposed the decision.


However, Salman in his recent interview with Hindustan Times spoke in his defense, questioning the addition of Sachin Tendulkar and A R Rahman to the team of Goodwill ambassadors this year. Yes , you read it right!


Salman Argued saying “argued, “The media should have done the same when Sachin and Rahman were roped in. Why didn’t that happen? Why didn’t the media give them the same coverage that they gave me? In their case too, while one isn’t a sportsperson, the other has only played one sport. Does Rahman need a state level certificate or a national-level medal to be called a sportsperson? In fact, all the kids who have tried out certain sports and haven’t won a medal, aren’t sportspersons? All the kids who follow a sportsperson aren’t sportspersons? So why just pick me?

Asked Salman if his criminal records fueled the controversy and he retaliated stating, “So you have issues with one person who has court cases becoming the Olympics goodwill ambassador. But there are so many politicians who have court cases against them? Desh zyaada important hai ya olympics? Mere liye toh deksh is most important. So I am ready to leave my post as the ambassador if the politicians also leave. There are so many people who have scams, corruption, and rapes but they are still there?”

We just hope this doesn’t call for another controversy!!!

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