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Salman Khan Hit-And-Run Case: Victim Challenged Acquittal In Supreme Court

Salman Khan always finds some or other trouble in his daily life. Most of the trouble comes from his own past. In Recent past, Salman was acquitted by High Court due to lack of evidence in 2002 hit-and-run case. Now the matter against Salman Khan’s acquittal is in Supreme Court which is scheduled to start after summer session. The latest in the news is, a victim appealed against Salman’s acquittal in the Supreme Court.


Recently Government of Maharashtra has filed an appeal in the apex court against Salman’s acquittal judgement by High Court. The latest in the case is a victim Niyamat Shaikh who was hit by his car. He appealed in the Supreme Court against Salman and states that he was the sole bread earner of the family but after the incident he is physically handicapped.

Niyamat Shaikh seeks compensation as he is suffering from disability after the incident and he has no regular income. His family members have been compelled to live a miserable life.

On December 10 last year, the Bombay High Court had acquitted the star of all the charges in the hit-and-run case. As the court found lack of evidence presented by the prosecutor in the case. The decision was came as a huge relief for the star and his family. A lot many people took to social media to lend his support for this 13 year old case.


Salman is still have to face the wrath in hit-and-run case once the court summer session will end. It seems like during that time victim Niyamat Shaikh’s appeal will also be heard. The Car incident took place in the late night of October 28, 2002 in Bandra where a person is killed and four others got injured. The matter is still subjudice and we just hope the outcome should come at the earliest.

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