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Elena Fernandes holds ‘Asia’s Supermodel Of The Year’ Award


Supermodel and Actress Elena Fernandes is currently riding high on the success streak. You must have witnessed her critical performance in Bollywood movie ‘Kapoor and Sons’ and lately, she was invited to judge a model hunt for Maxim magazine.

We lately got a hold over with Supermodel Elena Fernandes and interviewed about her upcoming projects. Elena

  1. How does it feel like to be known as one of the best models ? Was it easy to become one ?

To be honest it doesn’t feel real. It really does feel like a dream. Only those close to me have seen the sheer amount of hard work and dedication I’ve invested into my career. It’s taken a lot of patience and persistence. Sacrificing plans with friends and family to really focus on my career and take it to the next level. Hard work really does pay off.


  1. Are there any incidences that were life changing experience for you ? Pls share if any

There have been several. The first was when I booked my first ever Vogue shoot. How could it not change my life? Vogue is vogue. Every model dreams of shooting for the magazine, and you just never think it will come true. That first vogue editorial was shot in Bali and it really made me believe that I am good at my job and it was not a big bluff. It convinced me to persist and to believe. To give the best I possibly good all the time.

What also changed my life was when my 18year old cat passed away. I couldn’t bear to stay in London and it was the first time that I was truly committed to staying in India. I ended up finding my two Indian cats which I eventually flew back to London, but the consistent long stint of nearly a year in India, allowed me to really cement myself into the fashion and film industry. I believe that’s what Felix wanted which is why he had to leave.


  1. How was it working with Fawad Khan? Who are your favourite Bollywood directors and stars, you’d love to work with and why? Any fav Hindi film?

Fawad is an absolute sweetheart. He had so much patience and offered a lot of advice. He and shakun made me really become there character. To believe that this is who I was. Shakun is by far an incredible director and I loved working with him. Another favourite director is Imtiaz Ali. It would be an absolute dream to work with such a film genius. Cocktail used to be a firm favourite until I recently watched Piku and fell in love with the film. The relationship between Deepika and Amitabh really explored so many emotions that you couldn’t help but laugh and cry.


  1. Are u fluent in Hindi? Which other languages can you speak well?

My Hindi will always be ongoing. Let’s just say I can get by with my hands haha. But I’m always learning and increasing my understanding and knowledge. With a South American mother, I can speak Spanish, and French was compulsory in school.


  1. What does your fitness regimen normally consist of? How many hours a day do you work out?

I have always enjoyed working out. In India, I train with MFT and we work out around 5-6times a week for an hour each time. Harrison my trainer, constantly mixes up my workout. Training varies from pushing car tyres across the studio to non-stop boxing for an hour. The varied training keeps my body on point as each workout is always different. In the past year, not one routine has been the same.


  1. Is functional fitness and body-weight training key elements in your routine?

Definitely. But Harrison loves to mix it up and push my body to its limits and beyond. It’s also important to see what works for you. I used to be a keen runner, but now I focus a lot on body weight training. Your method of training affects the end result of your body.


  1. How important is your diet? What do you eat on a daily basis? What do you stay away from?

Training with Harrison literally means I can eat whatever I want. I believe it’s important to give your body what you want otherwise you end up overeating and bingeing on something else. Saying that I also like to eat very clean. So instead of sugar, I would use sugar cane. I love cooking in coconut oil and consuming a lot of lean protein like chicken, fish and eggs. On a daily basis, I have a lot of eggs to kick start my day. The whole egg not just the whites. I do try to stay away from consuming a lot of junk food simply because it makes me feel bloated. Also, I do not drink any fizzy drinks, that’s not only because of health reasons but to be honest I have never liked the bubbles in fizzy drinks. Lots and lots of water is a must.

Elena Fern

  1. Do you admire any models or fashion figure who have influenced you?

I love Gemma ward. She was the reason for the whole baby doll look. I think she is incredibly stunning. I also love the versatility of gisele. She was the first brand!

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