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Salman Khan: Hafiz Saeed, Dawood Ibrahim, Masood Azhar And Abu Salem Are All MY FRIENDS

The man whom Swami Om worshiped, whom he called greatest hero, whom he called hero- Salman Khan, today swami om is talking shit about that same person only. Swami Om is not able to digest the fact that he has been thrown out of the house and he is not a part of game anymore. That is the reason why everyday we get to read headlines from him.

VIDEO: Om Swami Accuses Salman Khan Of Forcing Him To Eat Non-Veg Food

Earlier we reported that Swami Om called Salman Khan an ISI agent and after eviction he revealed that Bigg Boss use to supply drugs in house and many shitty things he said on NDTV news channel. Even threatened bigg boss that if makers does not call himback in the house, he will set bigg boss house on fire. 

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