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Salman Khan feels he has ‘no talent’ as compared to ‘godown of talent’ Alia Bhatt

Salman Khan and Alia Bhatt have been chosen for playing the lead roles in the movie Inshallah! Talking about working with an actress with this much an age gap, Salman Khan says he has ‘no talent’ compared to Alia Bhatt!

Praising Alia Bhatt, the 53-year-old actor said, “See how she’s turned it around, from a student to now, it’s beautiful! And no one can take credit for her growth except Alia herself. Jo bhi bole humne usko banaya hai, is not to be believed. It’s Alia who has honed her talent.” Further, when asked what’s it like to be working with Alia, he said that while Alia is a godown of talent, he has no talent. “A godown of talent will be meeting with a bundle of talent….actually there’s no talent here,” laughs Salman.

During the interaction, Salman also opened up about Sanjay Leela Bhansali whom he will be reuniting after almost two decades. When asked to comment on SLB’s statement that the duo picked up from where they had left off, the superstar said, “That’s how it should be, whenever he and I meet, there is this connect It’s just not an actor-director relationship.”

“Just because he was working with other actors, it didn’t have to hamper or spoil our equation. I work with other directors too, so should he. Now we will be collaborating on this very sweet love story,” he added. Meanwhile, in March when the film was announced, Salman had then tweeted, “It’s been 20 years but I am glad Sanjay and I are finally back in his next film, Inshallah. Looking forward to work with Alia and inshallah we will all be blessed on this journey.”

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