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Salman Khan Asks Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif to Release Tiger Menon to Save Yakub Menon!

Just four days before the execution of Yakub Menon is to take place for being part of the 1993 blasts, actor Salman Khan has come out in the open to support Yakub Menon and has asked the government to stop the execution by calling Yakub Menon innocent. He took to twitter to show his support. Salman said, “Brother is being hanged for tiger. Aarrre Whr is tiger? Tiger ki hi to kami hai India mein. Tiger ko Lao. Hum toh upne family par mar jaaaeen. Tiger tumhaara bhai kuch Dino mein tumhare liyeh. Phasisi k phande pe chardne walla hai . Koi statement. Koi address. Kuch toh bolo k tum teh. Wah bhai ho toh aisa. Matlab. Ya khoob menan.”

He also mocked Tiger Menon for hiding as his brother is about to be executed. He said, “Kaun sa tiger kaisa tiger kidhar hai tiger. Samaj raha hai tiger. Kay soch k nam diya tha aur kya maina nikal liya uska. 1 innocent man killed is killing the humanity. Get tiger hang him. Parade him not his brother.”

Salman went ahead and asked Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif to release Tiger Menon if Pakistan has kept him active. “Kidhar chupa hai tiger? Hey koi tiger nahi hai hai hai billi aur hum ek billi ko nahi pakad sakteh. Sharif Saab ek darkhaust hai k agar yeh aap k mulkh mein hai toh plz iktila kar deejiyeh.”

It is improbable that anything will happen to change the verdict but let’s see what reaction Salman gets for this opinion of his.

Murtaza Rangwala

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