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Salman did not even call me after I signed Bharat, quips Katrina Kaif

Bharat was originally intended to be made with Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra and it was Priyanka Chopra’s comeback movie in Bollywood post her long Hollywood break! Although the movie was meant for her, Priyanka Chopra choose to walk out of the movie 10 days prior to the shoot beginning due to her engagement with nick Jonas, as she says! With Priyanka Chopra’s sudden exit, the Team Bharat was left in amuse and panic and it was Katrina Kaif who came in to their rescue! Katrina Kaif signed Bharat and is the lead actress of the movie since the day! It was reported that Katrina Kaif was offered Bharat by Salman Khan since the two are friends but here’s Katrina Kaif revealing that Salman Khan did not even call her after she signed Bharat and that she did not get the movie due to their Friendship!

Talking about the PC exit and her entry moment, Katrina Kaif says, “Ali and I are good friends, but when it comes to work, we are completely honest with each other. I read the script from start to finish in three hours and immediately called him to tell him that I loved it. I realised there was an opportunity of going the extra mile with this character. So, it had nothing to do with my friendship with Salman or Ali. In fact, Salman did not even call me after I signed the film. We met directly on the set.” On working with Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif said, “We share a comfort level, which has developed over the years. He loves to entertain the audience. He is a simple person in real life, and he approaches his films the way he approaches life.”

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