Sajid Khan “Asked Me To Strip,” Reveals Actress Rachel White. “Said If I Seduced Him In 5 Mins, Role Was Mine”

After Assistant Director Saloni Chopra, actress Rachel White has accused Sajid Khan of harassing her. The actress took to social media and in a series of tweets, she narrated the horrifying incident.

In the series of tweets, she wrote,

“I believe you @redheadchopra I was sent by my agency then to meet Sajid Khan during Humshakals. Right after my agency told me about the meeting Sajid called me within the next 5 mins and said the meeting would be at his house opp iskon Juhu. I said I was not comfortable meeting at home and to that he said “don’t worry I live with my mom and she’ll be around” I felt reassured and agreed. When I went to his house the maid directed me to his room and the drawing room was empty!! It was his bedroom. I stood like an idiot in one corner of the bedroom wondering where to sit and he was on one side on the treadmill. I clearly rem this episode. When he saw me walk in he goes “pls come this side” all smiling. I walk up towards the treadmill. He was directly staring down at me. I was in a white vest and blue denims and still felt I was standing nude with that gaze. What happens next is that he finishes his cardio and walks up to me asking me about my boobs and making that kind of conversation. I didn’t bother to answer to anything. After that he asks me to strip for him bcoz there were scenes in a bikini and he needed to see how I looked. I replied saying “there are pics of me in bikinis sent to u, I think that should be good for u” n wen he insisted I said “I’m ready to parade in ur office in a bikini nt at home. Finally he goes “listen no one has a problem with these things” (and obviously named people) and that if I could seduce him in 5 mins the role was mine. How this ended was me saying that I didn’t come mentally prepared for this and I left his house! So yeah believe you with ur story. And I told u mine so that more people can believe you and stop making women look like attention seekers. @misschamko rem me saying this when we did the all girls night ? I’m so glad I got it off my chest today. Thanks @redheadchopra for speaking out and naming him.”

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