Rustom Radio Trailer Is Truly Entertaining!

Rustom’ the name that’s in news not just for its Rustic name, but for its promotion hype created. Rustom is upcoming movie of ‘Airlift’ famed actor Akshay Kumar, who is known for his versatile roles. Akshay is now in film circles not for the role he is portraying in Rustom’ but for the new style in promoting Rustom.


Akshay Kumar had been tweeting a lot about the Trailer of the movie on the radio and about the role donned by him in this upcoming film. A feature film for the very first time is releasing its trailer differently on radio. Yes, for sure the news is that Akshay has decided to promote the trailer of ‘Rustom’ on radio on a day where the whole world is keenly looking for the release of Salman’s much awaited Sultan.

Akshay will be portraying the role of a Naval Officer in the movie ‘Rustom’. The movie is all set to release on 12th August. Till then all the movie lovers have to contain themselves with the trailer being aired on the radio. To add a touch of nostalgia to movie devolved on backdrop of an incident in 1960’s, the trailer is voiced by none other than the heartthrob of 60’s radio listeners, the voice of radio veteran radio announcer Ameen Sayani. Ameen Sayani was the radio celebrity who refused to meet Amitabh when the latter applied for a role of radio jockey. In one of his interviews Sayani quoted as saying that Amitabh came to meet him without prior appointment and that was the reason Mr.Sayani refused to meet him. This radio trailer is surely going to add hype to the much awaited ‘Rustom’.

The production house of the movie is expecting that radio trailer will add much needed impetus for the film promotion after the successful launch of its trailer on social media.

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