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Romi to Hit Bottle on Mihika’s Head in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

The next upcoming sequence is Romi to Hit Bottle on Mihika’s Head in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ever since Romi got to know that Rohit is not his son, he is broken. He feels betrayed. We saw Romi says he is not my child, I recall Sarika’s cheat seeing him. I m not great like you, I don’t have anything now. She says you have your son, Sarika is gone, but Rohit is here. He cries and says I don’t want this child, leave this child back, I hate Sarika and this child, leave me alone. He goes out and sees Rohit. Mrs. Bhalla asks whats the matter, tell me. Romi says Rohit is not my son, my life became nonsense, Rohit is not your grandson, he is not our blood. She gets shocked. Romi says I will not listen to Raman, this happened with me always, Sarika was fooling me, she ruined my life, Raman decides everything, you knew this and did not tell me bhai.  Mrs. Bhalla goes to see Rohit and cries. She sends Neelu outside. Mrs. Bhalla takes Rohit in her arms and hugs him. Mrs. Bhalla gives Rohit to Ishita and asks him to leave Rohit to orphanage, Romi said right. Mrs. Bhalla says Sarika cheated us, till Rohit is here, he will remind us Sarika’s cheat.

Romi cannot become a father & he reaches to club getting some peace.
Soom boys tease Romi for not having capability of becoming a father. In anger Romi takes a bottle & is about to hit him but Mihika comes there and is shocked see it. Romi gets shocked seieng Mihika pool of blood.To stop Romi, Mihika comes in between but Romi mistakenly breaks the bottle on Mihika’s head. Mihika gets unconscious on the floor which makes Romi’s shocked. Ashok tries to take advantage of this situation against Romi

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