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Rishi Kapoor does THIS yet again! An Insulting DM to a Twitter User Criticizing Sanju’s Trailer!

Rishi Kapoor who is lovingly known by his nickname, Chintoo is quite popular on the social media for his honest and brutal tweets. In Rishi Sir’s case, he does all this with brazen honesty – on the – social media. The garam khoon of Kapoor Khandan runs him, which only makes the actor even more unapologetic about his actions. There is nothing wrong in saying that he is among the most controversial celebrities and the amazing part is that he himself invites criticism and wrath of netizens.

Rishi Kapoor is back in news yet again for expressing his brutal and unabashed opinion. This time the veteran actor has insulted a twitter user for expressing his opinion over Sanju’s trailer! The people of India have the right to express their opinion and social media these days is one big platform for the same!

A Twitter user who was quite unhappy with the movie ‘Sanju’ trailer, took his social media to express his opinion over it tweeting, “I’m stunned at that new Sanju trailer. Such a blatant attempt to clean up Sanjay Dutt’s image. A criminal is a criminal. That too who was involved in bombings in a city. Raju Hirani is an absolute scum.

This tweet was absolutely unbearable on Rishi Kapoor’s part and he immediately sent a brutal and offensive direct message DM to the twitter user that said, “What do you know of cinema you prick. We are in the entertainment business not repairing anybody’s image. As swipes like you don’t deserve to see films.

This incident came into limelight when a twitter user posted the post and the DM with the message, “Action and Reaction”!

Stand up comedian, Aditi Mittal questioned Bollywood’s Hypocrisy saying, “Rishi Kapoor keeps abusing people online, and every news and entertainment portal keeps covering his movies and interviews as if this kind of behaviour is NORMAL.

She also said, “While promoting his “102 not out” film with master creeper @SrBachchan NOT ONE outlet had the guts to ask him about if he’s ok with embarrassing himself in DM’s on Twitter. Coz apparently this is the kind of behaviour expected from these heros. India is sick with hate & misogyny

Why does no one in the film community call this out? Because it’s Rishi Kapoor?“, she added!

Well, Rishi Kapoor needs to know that people have the right of expressing their opinion!

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