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Rishi Kapoor Asked Why Most Of the Indian Cricketers Have Beards, Twitter Responds Hilariously

Do we really need to argue if beards look good on men or not? It is a simple fact, beard always rocks! Sporting beard makes a man look masculine and appealing at the same time. Nowadays, a well-groomed beard is the hottest trend among youngsters.

From Bollywood stars to cricketers, we see most of the celebrities sporting beards. Even our Prime Minister sports beard. This has also helped in the latest beard trend among youngsters.

However, it seems that Rishi Kapoor, who was known for his clean-shaven chocolate boy image in the 60s and 70s, is not a big fan of beards. This may be the reason behind his question for India’s World Cup 2019 squad.

From Captain Virat Kohli and all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja, most of the cricketers in Indian Team sports well-groomed beard. Now, Rishi Kapoor posed a question on Twitter asking why most of the Indian players sport facial hair. He tweeted,

“Don’t take this picture as a reference point but why do most of our cricket players sport full facial hair(beards)? All Samson’s?(remember he had his strength in his hair) Surely they look smart and dashing without it. Just an observation!”

As usual, Twitter was quick to respond to Rishi Kapoor’s burning questions to Indian Team. Some of them argued that they are busy in world cup preparation and has no time to shave, whereas some of them said that the entire team is following skipper Kohli. Look at some of the most hilarious reactions down below:











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