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Remember the brave son of soil and protector of motherland – Subedar Joginder Singh

Earlier this year, Indian Army which also manages Eden Gardens along with the Cricket Association of Bengal, named the stands after Colonel NeelakantanJayachandran Nair, HavildarHangpan Dada, Lieutenant Colonel Dhan Singh Thapa and Subedar Joginder Singh as reported by Hindustan Times in April this year, this inauguration was done by G-O-C Eastern Army Command Lt. Col. Praveen Bakshi and Cricket Association of Bengal President and former Indian Cricket Captain Sourav Ganguly.

And earlier this month The Statesman in one of its articles published about the valor of Indian Army soldiers and how they gave befitting reply to Chinese in 1967 and Pakistan in 1965 and 1971 respectively. In both the articles, one man’s name was common and that was Subedar Joginder Singh.

Subedar Joginder Singh was an ordinary human being just like you and me, born to a humble family of farmers in a time when India was undivided but were in the shackles of British Rule. Yet, this humble boy decided to join the army in a belief that it will help the liberation of India and that happened finally in 1947, he was then shifted to Indian Army while staying a part of Elite Sikh Regiment. 

During his service in British Indian Army and then in the Indian Army, he fought many battles in Burma and North West Frontier Provinces but the glory was awaiting to embrace this valiant soldier was in the NEFA during the Sino-Indian war of 1962. Singh, who was 41 years old by then but had no dearth of courage and enthusiasm and though he was on the verge of retirement, he commanded his platoon to one of the most treacherous war zones in the world – Bum La Axis in Tawang Sector.

But age was just a no. for Subedar Joginder Singh as though he and his platoon was not ready but he motivated and marched with his troops to take position on IB ridge and Twin Peaks at Bum La Axis, while on reaching there he realized that only terrain is not a challenge but other parameters like sub-zero temperature zone and daily launched psychological attacks of Chinese Army.

Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting – Sun Tzu

The famous Chinese philosopher who once taught the art of war to Chinese quoted this line and no wonder the Chinese were following the same path by launching psychological warfare on the Indian side so that they can win and put their feet on Indian side without firing a bullet but they didn’t know the true resilience of Sikh Soldiers who were motivated and united by one war cry


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