The Real Weird Contestant List of Bigg Boss Gallery

It is no doubt that Bigg Boss is known for the heartthrob of Bollywood Industry, Salman Khan, but there is also more to it… The fight scenes, arguments, cold war, bitching, and many other factors have also influenced the viewership of Bigg Boss. In fact, Bigg Boss is all about the Drama that the audience love to enjoy seeing on screen.

In these nine seasons, Bigg Boss has given many opportunities, fame, recognition, and popularity to many. However, there were some contenders, who were dedicated to the list of ignominy. These contestants were also popularly known as DRAMA King/Queen. Few names that are still remembered for their weird behaviors are; Dolly Bindra, Ajaz Khan, Sambhavna Seth, Kamaal R Khan, and Imam Siddiqui. Well, it is no wonder that their bold and violent Avtars have created some unfogerful memories with Bigg Boss and the audience can’t wait to see more coming up in season 10.

Here is a list of Weird Contestants who changed the trend of Bigg Boss with every season:

  1. Pooja Mishra:


The Bigg Boss 5 contestant did not know anything about allegations against many Bollywood personalities, including Salman Khan. The latest news heard is that she has accused the Bollywood Shotgan, Shatrughan Sinha and Salman Khan for rape charges. Some say she is raising the controversial news to promote her upcoming serial, Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai.

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