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Reaction of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan At Salman Khan Controversy for the Rio Olympics 2016

The Rio Olympics 2016 will be starting soon and to our wonder our Bollywood Dabangg Khan aka Salman Khan is appointed as the Goodwill Ambassador of the Indian team. Congratulations Bhaijan from our team!

rio olympics 2016

Well, while the news was in buzz, many sports personalities criticized the move of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) of appointing Salman Khan as the Goodwill Ambassador. Many of them were absolutely against the ides of selecting the actor as the brand ambassador. The interesting part is, an online petition on is being signed recommending banning Salman Khan from being the Goodwill ambassador for the Rio Olympics.

To our wonders it’s none other than the Aishwarya Rai who has started the petition, surprised? Well, hold on for a second, it’s not the former ladylove of Salman Khan, it’s the Bachchan Bahu. Well, a girl who has similar name has filed the petition claiming that Khan had an alleged history of abusing women and killing innocent people and so it’s not liable to be the brand ambassador. Well, some people supported the actor while many of them are against it.

The former ladylove of Salman Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was at the launch of Cannes 2016 and was asked about her view on the actor being appointed as the Goodwill Ambassador for the Rio Olympics 2016. To which she has reacted very calmly saying, “Well I just have to say that anybody who is doing good to represent the country and anyone who is working or speaking for betterment of whatever occasion, be it sport, be it art or be it music, I think that’s wonderful and that’s what needs to be done.”

Well Salman Khan must be in cloud 9 after hearing the praising’s from his former ladylove. Do you really feel the decision of appointing Salman Khan as the goodwill ambassador for the Rio Olympics is right? Do comment your views below.

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