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Radhika Apte’s Phobia will lead audience to tremble

Radhika Apte’s scary ‘Phobia’

Radhika Apte’s upcoming film ‘Phobia’ will be an extreme shocking experience for fans. The film deals with an anxiety disorder called Agoraphobia which is played by leading actress Radhika. While launching the Trailer in the promotional event, Radhika says, it is emotionally and physically stressful movie.

Radhika said, “It was the most difficult film to do. It was emotionally and physically stressful. The film is about agoraphobia. A lot of research went into it. ” Even Radhika says, everyone has some or other fear in their life and her two close friends are also suffering from a phobia.

The story of ‘Phobia’ is about a girl who fears to go into the outside world as she feels it too scary. On the other hand, she even fears to live inside her home. She is totally trapped in-between inside and outside the world and the whole film deals on her scary phobia. Helmed by “Ragini MMS” film’s director Pawan Kriplani, the film is produced by Viki Rajani.Phobia-1

Radhika Apte is currently very busy in her different projects too. This year, she is all set to star in movies like ‘Madly’, ‘Parched’, ‘Ula’, ‘The Field’, ‘Bombairiya’ and Kabali. In all of these movies, ‘Kabali’ is the biggest film in every way. As Kabali star Thalaiva Rajnikanth and Radhika is playing the female lead in it. Recently, Radhika has won the Best Actress in an International Narrative Feature at ‘The Tribeca 2016 Awards’.


‘Phobia’ is a kind of thriller which we have rarely witnessed on the film screen. The intense Background score and the inbuilt fear looks like a deadly combo for this thriller movie.

‘Phobia’ looks a scary deal for the audience and with the trailer, we can easily see the hold Radhika has on her character. She looks stunningly crazy and dangerous. The Film’s scheduled to release in theatres on May 27.

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