Prabhudeva Temorarily Paralysed While Shooting For Tutak Tutak Tutiya Song

Bollywood actors work relentlessly on their performance so that the audience get to see the best they have. In this competitive Bollywood Industry, there is always a big pressure on every individual to perform in the best possible way. At latest, Director-Actor-Dancer Prabhudeva suddenly falls down on the sets of movie ‘Tutak Tutak Tutiya’ and the reason he has given for this incident will really shock everyone.

1-tutak In the recent past, we have seen Prabudeva as a prototype of Michael Jackson in India. He is a renowned dancer, whether its ‘Muqabala’ or ‘Key Sara Sara’ song, he is the most talented dancer of all time. At latest his temporarily paralysed incident has really shocked everyone.

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