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PM Narendra Modi Brutally Trolled For Claiming He Used Digital Camera in 1988

The ongoing Lok Sabha election, all political leaders are high on promotional campaign attending many rallies and also doing some TV interview. Amidst all this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also giving quite a few interviews with some news channels. However, some of the wild claims made by Modi have left Netizens befuddled.

Just recently, he was slammed for his cloud theory on Balakot airstrikes. Now, he did it again. This time, some of his claims made during an interview with a news channel have left Netizens confused. People on the internet are also claiming that the interview was scripted.

During his interview with News Nation, Prime Minister Modi claimed that he was one of the firsts in India to have used a digital camera in 1988. He used the digital camera to click a picture of BJP veteran LK Advani.

If that was not enough, he also claimed that he was one of the first people to use email back in 1988 itself.

These two tall claims by PM Modi became the hottest and most favorite subjects for Netizens, who brutally slammed PM Modi. Twitter is flooded with several reactions and all of these shows how confused Netizens are. Some politicians of opposition parties also slammed Modi for his claims. Look at some of the reactions down below:

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