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PM Modi’s reply to this question left the hall in squeals of laughter !

Prime Minister Narendra Modi sits on a really hot seat almost each and every day where he receives and indefinite and immeasurable amount of both love and also hate from the people in equal proportions. But he never has said no ever and continues to work every day with same motivation, inspiration, zealousness, will power and enthusiasm.

While there are people who criticize PM Modi, there are also many people who are motivated and inspired from him. The Indian Prime Minister is currently on a three nation international tour and was in UK for its second leg. While an on going interaction with people was going on at the diaspora event in Central Hall Westminster, when someone had asked him the reason behind his stamina and energy source as he’s always charged up every day.


The man asked Prime Minister that how he manages to work for approximately 20 hours daily and still never looks tired. Prime Minister was absolutely hilarious and humorous as he has answered the question. He said that he has been eating 1 to 2 kgs of abuses daily from all types of people from the last two decades honestly said. The answer was received with a huge cheer and laughter as everyone loved Modi’s best and amazing sense of humour.

Watch the video in the link below –

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