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PM Modi’s PUBG Response To A Parent’s Question About Her Child Spending Too Much Time Playing Online Game

In the second edition of ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha 2.0’, Prime Minister Modi in an interactive session with 2,000 students, parents and teachers, touched upon issues ranging from examinations and the stress related to them. During the interaction, the topic of technology became a significant area of discussion.

Everyone’s talking about PUBG, the battle royale game that requires players to be the last man standing. So in Narendra Modi.

PUBG, or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, found a mention in a conversation the prime minister had with a concerned parent at Pariksha Pe Charcha, an event held today in Delhi.

A parent raised a rather contemporary concern that persists in the digital generation.

The parent asked, “My son use to be really good with studies, but for the past some time,  his inclination towards online games has drastically elevated. I tried explaining him a lot, but I’m unsuccessful.”

When a mother asked what she must do as her son — a Class 9 student — was distracted by online games, PM Modi asked: “Is this related to PUBG?”

Then came the advice:

“Then this is both the problem and the solution. If we want our kids to turn away from technology, then they will fall behind.”

“If parents take an interest, making technology a part of table conversation. Then the kid will believe that whatever I’m doing, my parents might help me in it,” he added.

PM Modi elucidated on how he benefited from staying updated with technology and extensively spoke of the benefits that come with leveraging technology in the right manner.


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