PHOTOS: Shreya Jain, fashion stylist can clothe you anytime & anywhere!

“The Joy of Dressing Is An Art”

The work of fashion stylist is to create illusions and we know someone who is creating wonders in the field of fashion as a stylist. And the girl is Shreya Jain! She is one girl who is young with full zeal and has worked as a stylist in AIFW (Amazon India fashion week) and LFW (Lakme fashion week).

As a head stylist, Shreya has worked with Images Bazaar and have made looks more glamorous and sassy! Here are some chic photos of Shreya down below:


Shreya has worked as a stylist with ‘The Man’ Magazine in many fashion editorial shoots. This girl loves dressing up and loves to dress up others. As we all know fashion is a blessing and this girl is blessed with fashion sense.


Do you know what? This girl has styled Bollywood celebrities Rana Daggubati and Shrikant Kadambi.





Being a fashion and lifestyle blogger, this girl is touching the sky and aspire to be an actress in Hindi film industry.



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