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Pakistan PM Imran Khan Wished Holi To Hindu Community, Got Massively Trolled

The entire country is celebrating the festival of color with great joy and love. Holi is one of the best festivals with so much laughter and happiness spreading all around us. It is also one festival, where everyone is busy smearing colors on each other in the open streets, parks and outside the buildings. Holi makes it even harder to recognize anyone, as most of the people are covered in various colors.

On this joyous day, Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan took to Twitter to wish Hindu community on Holi. Not only Imran Khan but other leaders like Bilawal Bhutto Zardari also tweeted wishing his followers Happy Holi. First of all, check out the tweets of two prominent Pakistani leaders down below:



When Pakistani leaders wished one of the minority communities of their country, people on social media didn’t take it lightly. People soon started trolling Imran Khan reminding him of the situations of Hindu in Pakistan. They also said that wishing them on their own festival is not going to help in spreading peace and harmony, as it needs some actions.

Pakistani Prime Minister specifically wishing Hindu Community on Holi has irked several people. Look at some of the reactions down below.











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