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“I Owe My Life To Shahrukh Khan”- Says His Duplicate


The Bollywood’s King Khan, when entered this industry would have never thought that he would become the reason for the survival of many. Raju Rahikwar is one such artist who makes the audience feel the presence of their most beloved superstar, whom they infatuate meeting in real. For his earning Raju tries to imitate Khan and impress the audience.

He considers himself as the junior SRK as he has achieved success in imitating the prime mannerism and behavioral characteristics, from waving his arms in the air on the tune of Khan’s songs to the accurateness in the curve of his lips when he smiles. But being honest, Raju does not have looks any close to that of Shahrukh. Although his appearance can lie in the time zone when Khan had those messy hairs scattered around the forehead, a chubby yet cute round face with a charming smile. A typical 90s get up.

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