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After Manu Punjabi, One More Finalist Gets Evicted From The Bigg Boss 10 Grand Finale

Bigg Boss 10 has reached its Grand Finale and the most crucial time for the contestants of the house as the winner of the show will be announced today, We revealed earlier today that one of the four finalists, Manu Punjabi, has left the Grand Finale mid-way. As it happens in every season, even in this season Bigg Boss offered an amount of Rs 10 lakhs to any of the four finalists who feel that they might not win the show. As a part of the game, they can willingly accept the money and leave. After Manu Punjabi left, three finalists remained – Lopamudra Raut, Manveer Gurjar and Bani J.

After going through the torturous three months, these three finalists definitely want to  bag the trophy and the Rs 40 lakhs worth of prize money. While we’re waiting to know who has won the show, we already know the two finalists that remain as one of them got evicted from the race. Bigg Boss 10 has reached the end and one of the three contestants is no longer part of the race. 

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