Om Swami Brutally Beaten By Public, Puts Blame To Salman Khan!

Ex-Bigg Boss fame Om Swami has again made it to the headlines for all the wrong reasons. This time, he is in the news for being beaten by public.

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Recently, he was in the news, when a dancing video went viral on the internet. In the specific video, Om Swami was seen doing his meditation where a bikini girl tries to seduce him. Apart from that, there was one more video, where the same girl was seen in topless.

Lately, Om Swami was invited to attend Nathuram Godse Jayanti at Vikas Nagar in Delhi. When the assembled people have seen him, they went furious. Soon after that, one of the people in the public started hitting him out and telling everyone that Om Swami needs no respect. In the fight, Om Swami’s fake hair also got misplaced and dropped down.
Om Swami soon rushed from the place but his car also hit by the mob. This is not all, people have even hit Om Swami’s driver. This is not the first time, he was hit by someone. He has also had a fight on January 14 on a National news channel.

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