Bigg Boss 10: Rohan Mehra And Lopamudra Get Emotional After Rahul Dev’s Eviction!

Bigg Boss 10 is all set to witness yet another weekend ka vaar with none other than Salman Khan. As we already revealed you that it was Rahul Dev who got evicted from the show, but this has made the two contestants very upset.

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Here we are talking about celebrity contestants Rohan Mehra And Lopamudra Raut. They are not happy at all with the eviction of celebrity contestant Rahul Dev. Rahul is one of the good contestants in the show and has managed to survive in the house for over two months. Since the day one, he forms a strong bonding with Lopamudra Raut and Rohan Mehra. In the show, Rahul Dev was a father figure for Rohan Mehra and they share a lot many things in the house. Apart from these two contestants, other contestants were calm and composed.


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