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Om Swami Arrested By Police At The Bigg Boss 10 Grand Finale

​Bigg Boss 10 Grand Finale will be aired tonight on Colors Channel but the preparations have begun way before. Om Swami after getting evicted had threatened that will sabotage the finale and burn down the Bigg Boss house if he does not get an invite. So, Om Swami was invited by the makers of Bigg Boss 10 to the Grand Finale event. The self-proclaimed Godman kept his promise and reached the Grand Finale of bigg boss 10 held at Lonavala to create a ruckus. 

Thankfully, Om Swami got arrested before he could do anything! The good news is that he will remain in police custody until the Grand Finale is over in order to make sure everything on the sets goes smooth.

Even after getting kicked out of the show so disrespectfully, Om Swami has not learnt anything. The shameless man went on to give interviews and pass allegations against the show host Salman Khan. He even claimed that Bigg Boss tried to kidnap him. He went on to promise that he will create ruckus outside the bigg boss house during the finale shoot and he did so. 

But thankfully the makers had made preparations to secure their event. This news broke the Internet however the channel has however refused to comment on this and is apparently clueless about Swami Om. 

If he has really been arrested, once again lets get prepared to hear a thousand funny stories straight from the devil’s mouth! 

Now, if he has actually been arrested be prepared to hear a thousand stories because, well, old habits die hard, right?

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