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A Customer Left A Reply After Getting Charged Cancellation Fee, OLA’s Reply Will Amaze You

Ola and Uber have made our lives very easy. It has made our taxi cab affordable. People are very happy with the door-to-door services of these two cab providers. Despite these comfort, it has some issue as well. The cancellation charge is something, which everyone is fade up off. If you ride with Ola, you must be aware that you have to pay some extra fee if you cancel a ride after confirming it. When driver cancels the confirm ride, the customer doesn’t get charged.

The cancellation has become a big issue nowadays. Every now and then, the customer gets charged even if driver cancels the ride. Most of us ignore it and don’t take any actions about the same. But one person has a very witty way to tackle the situation.

He complained about getting charged for cancellation in a very unique and funny way. His complaint was so witty that even Ola loved it and rewarded him with two samosas.

Abhishek Asthana is a regular Ola rider. He booked a taxi when he was going to the airport. The driver canceled his ride, but still, he was asked to pay the cancellation fee. He took his Twitter handle to explain the situation in the best way possible.

His Tweet reads, “Yesterday, Ola charged cancellation fee even when the Driver denied duty, it’s like u ask “Samosa hai?” Shopkeeper says “No” & takes 10 Rs”

Check out his Tweet down below:

Ola was quick to reply to his Tweet, saying “Charges reversed and sorry for the trouble. Now, where do we send the samosas?”

Check out Ola’s reply:

Ola was not joking either, they send him two samosas. Ashok even Tweeted after getting samosas from Ola.

Check Out his Tweet down below:

This is really funny and innovative. We wonder what would have happened if he had asked for something else?

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